Community Sponsored Shepherding (CSSP)

 The Joy of Shepherding Without All the Work!

We've had so many customers in the past several seasons ask about opportunities for a more personal relationship with our flock and the wonderful yarns they've gotten from us. We always invite them and you to come "feed your sweater!" when you visit the stuio and farm. So, we've sat around the table and put together some connecting ways for you to experience and enjoy shepherding and life on the land as an enriching part of your urban fiber life.

As you've shared your patronage with us through these years, we've many times told you exactly where your money was going - to buy seed, or fuel, repair a tractor or pay help to make hay. We've sponsored classes for students to have hand's on opportunities in sustainable agriculture. Shepherding and nature here on the ridge and in the valley. 

Because of your wonderful support for 35 years, we have been able to do these things and now you can have a personal face for your 'Journey of Fiber to Fashion'.

Choose your ewe or ram and learn about his/her personality, breed & fleece. Then through your e-mail newsletter, follow them from fall to summer through shearing, lambing, wintering in the barn and "going out to pasture" in the spring and finally the long days of summer on the ridges & valley.

For a $175.00 Sponsorhip every "Shepherd" receives

1200 yds of organically processed 2ply DK weight yarn, or
2lbs. of roving from our mill, or
4lbs. skirted prime grease fleece as well as a
15% discount on items purchased online.
You will also receive...


An introduction letter with the sheep's name and personality description.
♦ A 5x7 matted print,
 personalized coffee mug, and bookmark with the sheep's picture and scenes from the farm.
The opportunity to name the sheep's lamb or lambs, provided they have not already been sponsored through our CLS.
A monthly e-mail news update from Sept.- May so you can watch the lambs as they grow.

Your Flock Options!
Click on a picture to learn about the sheep & its fleece.

54-56 Count medium grade

that produces soft singles with a good hand and plies beautifully.






Wild Eyes

Espresso - SPONSORED

 Moorland Horns
 54-56 Count l
usterous long wool that produces a crisp 2 ply with lots of lustre.


Silver Back - SPONSORED

Cafe au Lait

Harlequin Leicesters
56 Count medium grade
long wool that p
roduces a crisp 2 ply with lots of lustre.




Red Man Chew



Half 'n Half


 Hybred Leicesters

54-56 Count medium grade

produces soft singles with a good hand and plies beautifully.





* Sponsorships are limited to the flock shown above, and are
filled and shipped on
a first come basis.

 Fleece ships in 1 week.
Roving ships in 2 weeks
Yarn ships in 3-4 weeks.

Extra yarn & roving,
if available, may be purchased at a
15% discount.

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