Community Sponsored Shepherding (CSSP)

Knitting Workshops

Sweaters outside the Box.
Gather your yarn stash and join us for a 2 day knitting adventure in designing your own art to wear sweaters. Our studio designers will show you how to expand your visions of color, texture and stitch, enabling you to take the most basic patterns and create sweaters that are excitingly you.

Wanna Knit? - Beginning Knitting
So you want to knit but don't know where to start? Join our talented instructors as they take you from yarn and needles to exciting beginning projects and introduce you to the satisfaction of hand knitting. Students may choose their projects from designer scarves and shawls, and classic simple to fashion sweaters for children and adults.

Socks are Simple
They really are! Let us dispel your 'sock-a-phobia!' We share excellent techniques for learning to knit any basic sock pattern, and the best part is that you get to wear your project home (at least on one foot!) Comfortable knitting and purling skill required.

Fab Bags, you Tote'm
Fabulous knitted felted bags, from clasic to crazy! This workshop starts with a basic bag and turns it into an exciting fashion piece by utilizing your choices of color and texture. After felting your bag, you will add embellishments of your choice such as jewelry, pins, fabric and fur or bring your favorite found objects to use. You will also learn different cording techniques for handles and further embellishment.

Traditional Cables
This workshop offers students the opportunity to learn up to 6 different traditional cable patterns by creating a sampler panel suitable for use as a decorative pillow or classic fashion bag. Students will also learn how the use of these motifs may be incorporated into any garment project of their choice.

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