Autumn House Farm Custom Fleece Processing

We are an Artisan Carding Mill specializing in processing small 'lots' of quality fleece for fiber artists who want to receive their product back in a faster time frame (no more waiting months to get your fiber back!)

We scour and process organically, so there are types of wool we cannot take due to their high grease content. High grease wools require chemical treatment in order to card well. Among the types of wool we will not process are: Merino, high Merino crossess, Ramboulet, Southdown and high grease Corriedale. We will however, always be glad to look at samples to see if a quality product can be done for you.

Our roving does not look like commercial top - it comes back to you in one of two forms - hand wrapped balls or spool bumps aproximately 1/2 lb ea. (providing your fleece will work well in this form).

Exoctic blends or unusual types of wool with various staple lengths do better with hand wrapping. Either way is wonderful to spin.

We also want you to understand the conept of 'shrink'. The lanolin or 'grease' in a fleece contributes significantly to the weight of the fleece as does the 'off sort' wool parts and vegetable matter in the fleece. Please watch our video on skirting because what you send us is what you will receive back in return. Anything we remove before procesing will be returned to you. You may send us 10 lbs. of fleece and receive back 8 lbs of finished fiber due to the 'shrink' in your fleece.

Fiber Processing Price List
We will take 3 customers at a time and process them in order of receipt.
 1-2 week turn around, on average, from the time we receive the order.

 100 % Wool / Processing Type

Price per lb.

 Scouring $5.25 per lb. / grease weight
 Wash/Pick/"Ready to Card" $8.25 per lb. / grease weight
 Wash/Pick/Card to Cloud $12.00 per lb. / finished weight
 Wash/Pick/Card to Roving $14.00 per lb. / finished weight
 Wash/Pick/Card to Batts (2' x 3.5') $12.00 per lb. / finished weight
      (suitable for felting or quilting) 

 Roving Options

 Mixed w/30-40% alpaca add $3.00 per finished lb.
 2 color natural mix (brindle or side x side) add $3.00 per finished lb.
**No Minimums** 

*We are flexible and creative and are always happy to discuss other roving options.
Please call to discuss options and pricing.

Please click Processing Policy to view the requirements for processing your fleece, and for an order form to send with your fleece. Also, please watch our "How to Skirt Your Fleece" video before sending us your fleece.

Please read our Processing Policy & Order Form Below. If you have any questions, please contact Harriet at 724-286-9596 or e-mail Wendy at

            Processing Policy               How to Skirt Your Fleece Video


Autumn House was true to their word. Got my fiber done and back to me in a week. They called and explained something they couldn't do and they are just great. Will use them again! Thanks!
 - Terri Keifer Robertson

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