Community Sponsored Shepherding (CSSP)

Spinning Workshops

"Get to know your yarn personally!"
In this beginner course, you will join us in the barn to meet the sheep that will provide the fleece you will eventually spin. You will select the fleece you wish to work with, then go to the carding house to turn the wool into "roving". From there it is back to the studio to sit down at the wheel and actually learn to spin your roving into yarn! You'll be very excited when you reel the yarn from the bobbins, and watch as the lustrous fiber flows through your hands. We guarantee that all students will go home with yarn they have spun with their own two hands. All materials are included in the cost of the course. If you are taking a two day course and would like overnight accomodations, they are available at our guest house, The Shepherd's Rest. For lodging rates and information, please click on the Shepherd's Rest button on the top navigation menu.

1 day course                 Cost: $50

2 day course                 Cost: $75.
(includes expanded work in the carding house to teach roving design and how it affects the yarn you spin)

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