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Great Wheels at Great Prices
In celebration of our 3rd year as a Kromski Dealer, we are offering you $50.00 of Free Fiber plus Free Spinning Workshops with the purchase of a Spinning Wheel.

In addition to offering you the best competitive prices on wheels and looms. We also have modestly priced workshops for students who have purchased wheels of any type from another vendor. Students taking part in these workshops will receive discounts on all spinning fibers purchased during their classes. Please call Harriet Knox to arrange your workshop today.

Autumn House Farm

Kromski Weaving Looms
The Kromski Harp is perhaps the most popular rigid heddle loom in North America. If you are new to weaving, proceed with confidence as the Harp will prepare you for a lifetime of weaving - what you learn on a Harp all carries forward to a larger loom. Size, price point and the Harp package of accessories make it a perfect loom. Click here to learn more...

If you purchase a loom from us, you will receive $40.00 in free weaving yarn.

Weaving Classes are available with our wonderful weaving instructor Sandra Trimble. Please call Harriet Knox to schdule a class.

Just the image you would expect a spinning wheel to take. You can picture the "ladies in waiting" gathered together in the castle spinning as a group, all on The Symphony.

A single drive, single treadle spinning wheel that completes the Saxony design series from the Kromskis.
The Saxony style of spinning wheel is what most people envision in their mind's eye. It is the most popular traditional "look" for a wheel.

The Minstrel from the Kromskis of Poland, is setting a new standard for castle style wheels. It features a wide, steady base for the double treadle operation and the wheel, which is larger than many upright wheels - 18". The wheel is easy to mount on the two support posts. The third post will mount an optional distaff.

Just the wheel for beginners (though you may never outgrow it!) or perhaps a second Kromski wheel for others. It has the look of an antique wheel and the high degree of wood turning that the Kromskis are famous for, but it also has all the touches modern spinners expect.

From the Kromskis of Poland, the Sonata is a marriage between the classic architecture and design concepts shared with all other Kromski wheels and the functional needs of a wheel that folds. You get both.

The newest in the Kromski collection. Yes, thoroughly modern in every aspect, but the concept and design are obviously Kromski.

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