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Shawl Knitters Gift Set

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Package Base Price: $30.50

Build your own "Shawl Knitters Gift Set" by choosing a shawl pattern and a mug from the options below. When you purchase this gift set, the shawl pattern is included at no cost.

1. Click on a shawl kit item name to see info, pictures and color charts for each choice, then select the colorway from the pulldown menu.
2. Choose your sock mug design. Click on the item names to see info and pictures for each choice.
3. Click "Update Price" to see the final price, then click "Add to Cart" to complete the gift set.

Shawl Patterns
Garden Shawl Kit [$20.00]
  Color 1:
  Color 2:
Lotus Shawl Kit [$42.00]

Great Yarns Mug [$10.50]
Carpe Yarn-em Mug [$10.50]
Briar's Puppies Mug [$10.50]
Needles, Yarn Mug [$10.50]
Old Knitters Cast Off Mug [$10.50]
Old Knitters PSSO-ver Mug [$10.50]
The Best Part
of Waking Up Mug
Walk In Mug [$10.50]
Wheels, Wool Mug [$10.50]
A Stitch in Time Mug [$10.50]

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