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Gift Cards

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Package Base Price: $26.50
Font Style :
Gift Card Message :
Ship To :

We use our original card designs printed on white linen stock, then custom print any message and gift amount you choose on the inside.

Gift certificates may be redeemed at our shop here at the farm, through the mail, at any of our shows, or online.

To create your own gift card...
1. Click on the font picture above left to view the font styles, then choose a font from the pull down menu.
2. Type the messge you would like to send into the "Gift Card Message" field.
3. Type the name and address of the gift recipient into the "Ship To" field.
4. Select a gift card design from the list below. To view the design, click on the item name.
5. Choose the amount of your gift, then hit 'Update Price' to see the total. (shipping will be calculated at checkout).

Once your order is placed, we will custom print your card and gift certificate and send them to the shipping address you have indicated.

Gift Card Designs
Useful Joys Card [$1.50]
Simple Pleasures Card [$1.75]
Shades of Color Card [$1.75]
Shades of Natural Card [$1.75]
Jess & The Lambs card [$1.75]
Yarn Flower Card [$1.75]
Great Yarns Card [$2.00]
Needles, Yarn Card [$2.00]
Carpe Yarn-em Card [$2.00]
Wheels, Wool Card [$2.00]
Autumn Wheel card [$1.75]
Autumn Yarn Card 2 [$1.75]
Pinecone & Yarn Card [$1.75]

Gift Amount
Gift Certificate [$25.00]
Gift Certificate [$35.00]
Gift Certificate [$50.00]
Gift Certificate [$75.00]
Gift Certificate [$100.00]
Gift Certificate [$150.00]

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