Autumn House Farm's Fleece Processing
Policy & Procedures

Please call Harriet or e-mail ( to let us know what type of fleece you would like to have processed and the approximate weight of the fleece.

Because we want each fleece to be handled with care and create a special memory for you, we will only take 3 orders a week. After we receive your request we will let you know what number you are on the waiting list. Please do NOT send your fleece to us until requested to do so. We receive fleeces through UPS and USPS.

When we receive your fleece we will check it for cleanliness, weight it, and tag it. Because we operate in small batches, we can guarantee that the fleece you send us is the one you will get back. We do not skirt your fleece. Please watch our video,
"How to skirt a fleece", and then skirt the fleece accordingly to be sure your fleece will be procesed at the highest possible quality. We will call you personally (or e-mail if you prefer) to go over what you would like done, and any concerns or special requests.

After your fleece is processed we will send you a bill through e-mail and Paypal. The bill will include return shipping cost. Because we are a small mill, we can only hold fleeces for 7 days after they are processed.After that you may be charged a fee for storage. After 20 days of non-payment, your fleece will become the property of Autumn House Farm.

Once we have received your payment, your fleece will be mailed out within three business days through USPS. You will receive a tracking number.

The undersigned agrees that:

I understand that Autumn House Farm is in no way responsible for lost or missing fleeces or wool in transit to be processed.

I have watched the "How to Skirt a Fleece" video

I understand that Autumn House Farm will not skirt my fleece, and any non-fiber objects in the fleece can affect the outcome of the fiber processing.

Signed (fleece owner)                                                       Date

Autumn House Farm
1001 Locust Rd. Rochester Mills, PA 15771

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